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Let’s Go Practice

Everything we need to know about how to live a good life has been said and written already; happiness has no secrets, all the wisdom is just a click away. No, we don’t need more words. We get caught up in the mental concepts, and the words remain stranded at that level. We memorize and recite old foreign words; we share impressive quotes; we strive to understand, mentally, but we have no idea of what those words mean.  The energy of those words rarely transcends the mental sphere, and yet, the knowing comes with the silence and the intimacy of a personal experience. It’s a matter of being the words, instead of thinking about them. Move the words from our mind to our heart and understand them from our own experience. Embody them.

It’s time to bring motion to those words. Let them arrive home, let’s go practice.

TEDxTalk “This Life Purpose Thing”

Life is plentiful

This is just beautiful. When we put our attention in what we give to others instead of what we are trying to get from them, we experience the abundance of life. This works at the office too. Focus on what you give and give the best in you. To your employees, to your clients, to your colleagues, to your partners and, of course, to yourself! Give it all, don’t hold anything back.