Let Your Best Self Out

Introducing The Practice: A digital course to experience
a more present, peaceful, and purposeful life.

Feel peaceful & confident

Unveil abundance

Live intentionally

Developing our potential as a human being is challenging!

When we live disconnected from our essential nature, we experience fear, self-doubt, a nagging scarcity mindset. We get distracted from who we truly are, and we feel the need to control life, constantly chasing something in the future. We also experience a lack of love for ourselves and a lack of trust that complicates our relationships.


Life can be hard when you believe that we are not good enough.
You deserve to:

  • Find fulfillment in the present moment.
  • Live in alignment with your best self.
  • Contribute your gifts with inner peace and joy.
  • Make peace with the past, healing old wounds.

Meet Juan, your guide on this journey.

I am an executive coach and meditation teacher. For over two decades, I have been exploring how mindfulness and meditation improve our relationship with the world and the people around us.

Through my executive coaching practice, I have been helping our most conscious business leaders be more present, peaceful, and purposeful in their lives.

I wanted to help more people live well, so I developed "The Practice," a digital course that integrates all the teachings I use with my coaching clients and everything I have learned in 25 years of personal research.

A few facts about me:

  • I learned meditation from a Buddhist monk at twenty and shared that knowledge with thousands of leaders worldwide.
  • I worked as an entrepreneur and classically trained CEO for almost twenty years before I opened my executive coaching practice in 2011.
  • I hold a certification as a professional coach but see myself more like a teacher and a guide.
  • I was born in Spain and have lived in the United States since 2009.

Are you ready to create from a place of inner peace,
confidence and joyful abundance?

The Practice will provide you with
training and guidance to help you:

Increase focus and productivity.

Be present and confident
in life.

Respond consciously and calmly to challenging situations.

Make decisions with peace and confidence.

Reduce mind chatter and negative self-talk.

Live with inner peace, abundance, and freedom.

Effectively process negative emotions restoring inner balance.

Bring your best self to your personal and professional relationships.

Align with your inner guidance, unlocking a sense of purpose in life.

Make peace with the past, healing old wounds.


Main Pillars of the Course:

i. Be Here: Developing focus, presence, and inner presence; the transition from absence to presence.

ii. Say Yes: Learning how to solve inner conflict and negativity; the transition from suffering to peace.

iii. We are One: Realizing oneness and opening yourself up to others; the transition from me to us.

inside view of The Practice

What's Incuded?

  • 15 Audiovisual lessons.
  • Video interviews with other practitioners.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Detailed practice schedules.
  • Journaling prompts.
  • Facebook¬†community: Support, activities, Q&As, exclusive content.

Are you ready to live in alignment with your true self,
bringing your best to relationships and work?


Sign-up and set your intention.

You will receive access to the online learning platform and immediate guidance to clarify your goals.


Build your practice.

Learn the techniques to help you become present, peaceful, and purposeful as you move through the course.



Peace, confidence, and joyful abundance that come from the alignment with your true self.

How This Work Transforms:

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