Here Yes One
Guided Meditations From The Practice

Over the years, I have been privileged to guide many of you through the transformative power of meditation via audio recordings available on my website. These sessions have served as a beacon of wisdom and compassion, helping countless individuals navigate the complexities of modern life presence, peace, and a deeper purpose.

One of my dedicated meditation students proposed a brilliant idea: why not transcribe these audio meditations into a book? This suggestion resonated deeply, as it adds a new resource to our practice—allowing the teachings to be read and held. Thanks to his invaluable leadership, we have crafted Here Yes One Guided Meditations From The Practice.

This book encompasses all the guided meditations from The Practice, which have been beautifully transcribed and edited to provide a tangible resource for your mindfulness path. Each meditation was designed to guide you towards a sense of presence, peace, and purpose, whether you read the words quietly to yourself or use them to guide your practice.

I hope this book is a companion on your path, offering insights and inspiration as you cultivate mindfulness and inner peace. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.