Hi, I am Juan.

I help conscious leaders stay present, peaceful, and purposeful; so they can bring their best selves to the world.

Over the years, I gathered a group of practices that have made it possible for hundreds of conscious leaders to succeed.

We call it “The Practice.”

☼ A few facts about me:

I quit my job as the Managing Director with a global distribution company and spent two years on a personal retreat. It wasn’t as nice as you might think; I faced many demons. ;)

I hold a certification as a professional coach but see myself more like a teacher and a guide for leaders.

My father died when I was nineteen years old, and I took over his business; that was the beginning of a 26-year journey as an entrepreneur and executive.

I am originally from Mallorca, Spain, and I have lived in the United States for twelve years.

I learned how to meditate with a Buddhist monk at age twenty and have shared that knowledge with thousands of leaders worldwide.

♗ I provide training and guidance to help conscious leaders:

✓ Increase focus and productivity.
✓ Respond consciously and calmly to challenging situations.
✓ Make decisions with peace and confidence.
✓ Effectively process negative emotions restoring your inner balance.
✓ Manage mind chatter and negative self-talk.
✓ Improve personal and professional relationships.