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Juan Alvarez is a gifted teacher & coach who fully embodies the very values of mindfulness and conscious leadership that underpin his remarkable practice.

I consider myself blessed to be learning from him as a client and collaborator; and I attribute his presence and guidance in my life as instrumental to my own ability to be present, peaceful and purposeful.

Combining traditional mindfulness practices with his own hands-on professional and personal experience, Juan brings an approachable, yet deeply impactful style of instruction to his work.

His language may be simple and his demeanor humble, but the clarity and caliber of his counsel is transformative.

I have worked with dozens of leaders across multiple industries and there’s not a single person – at any level – who I think wouldn’t benefit from Juan as an ally in their own continued development practice.

Christopher Celeste

Founder & Partner at Hatch Partners

I have had the pleasure of learning from Juan for the past year through his executive coaching practice. His guidance has made a huge impact on my ability to be a better leader, a more present person and a deeper contributor in my relationships and community.

Juan’s unique perspective as a long-time teacher and practitioner of mindfulness and a tenured business executive creates a coaching style in which you feel supported and understood.

His ability to simplify the practice of mindfulness and help me find a place for it as a foundational part of my daily life has helped me to transform my experience.

In short, his guidance has helped me to be more compassionate to myself and in turn a more compassionate person in the world.

I’m so grateful for the peace, alignment and joy this work has brought into my life. I would highly recommend Juan to anyone wanting to show up in this world, personally or professionally, with more presence, kindness and authenticity.

Sarah Ahern

Partner at PATH – Grow Bodly

I began working with Juan fall of 2019. With rapid growth over the past five years, I was having a challenging time staying present and navigating the hundreds of personalities I managed on a weekly basis.

I knew I needed to work on my awareness and self preservation, Juan came highly recommended. In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect as he made it clear the focus would not be on the specifics nor a tactical strategy to my businesses.

Juan’s approach to presence, awareness and intentionality has help me tremendously both personally and professionally. The effects of the work have been noted by those I work closest with and my family.

The work with Juan l has unquestionably positively shifted many aspects of how I approach business and life as a whole. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Abed Alshahal

Restauranteur and Consultant

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