Life Is the Practice Podcast

Would you like to be a better parent or a partner? A better colleague?
Are you ready to break from unwanted habits and get over the burden of the past?

In all those matters, mindfulness can be a catalyst of change and a resource you can always tap into. In this podcast, capitalizing on his experience as an executive coach and a meditation teacher, Juan Alvarez explores how to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine. All of it without fuss or fanfare, bringing simple meditation techniques to the center of your personal and professional relationships so you can be more present, peaceful, and purposeful.

Forgiveness episode cover art of man running on beach.

Episode 10: Forgiveness

In healing ourselves, we begin to heal the world. But what is the path to get there? This episode of Life is The Practice, the last of the season, focuses on the foundational role of forgiveness – what it takes, why it’s so hard, and how we can learn to manage through our fears. My…


Episode 09: Conscious Relationships

What is the greatest gift we can give our most intimate partners in life? Staying present. On this episode of Life is the Practice I am explaining, very simply, why it’s so important to be mindful in our relationships. Consciousness brings us a sense of purpose and peace not only individually but also within the…


Episode 08: Life in the Present Moment

Being and Doing. Do you think of these as separate states, mutually exclusive or even in conflict with one another? In this episode of Life is the Practice I am breaking down what it looks like to weave presence into our everyday lives. In the car. At the dinner table. Standing in line at the…


Episode 07: Curing Our Anxiety

Anxiety is woven into so much of contemporary life, driving all kinds of behaviors that neither serve nor center us. This episode of Life is the Practice focuses on an alternative path to sustainable well-being – one I have myself traveled. I am eager to share what I have learned about locating – and holding…


Episode 06: Conscious Parenting

One of the many wondrous things about children is their ability to open us up to new ways of thinking and being. They invite us as parents to be fully present, letting go of egoic patterns and beliefs that do not serve. This episode of Life is the Practice responds to questions frequently asked by…


Episode 5: The Ego: Taming The Inner Critic

If you have wondered what that inner voice is – the one that is self-critical, wounding or full of doubt – we are taking a closer look on this episode of Life is the Practice. Known as “the Egoic State,” the noisy, negative chatter so many of us carry within us as we move through…


Episode 4: Meditation Essentials

And so, my friends, we have come to one of the more practical aspects of creating a mindful, peaceful, and purposeful life: How to meditate and how to build a meditation practice. On this fourth episode of Life is the Practice, we explore the essential elements of a daily meditation routine. We’ll talk about how…


Episode 3: Cultivating Presence

What exactly is this thing, the here and now? We know it has something to do with being present to our lives, but why is it a desirable place to be – and so hard to find? I myself had those same questions when I came to my practice so many years ago now. Our…


Episode 2: The Altruistic Intention

To bring consistency and meaning to our practices, we must start with a single question: Why am I doing this? In this episode of Life Is The Practice, I am asking you to wonder about the motivation behind our desire to be mindful. I’ll also share some very simple – but powerful – ways to…


Episode 1: The Practice

Welcome to our inaugural episode of Life is the Practice, a voyage into mindfulness and the power of staying present in our lives. I hope you’ll consider me a companion or teacher, or guide as we explore the techniques I’ve developed over 25 years as an executive coach and meditation teacher dedicated to bringing purpose…


Podcast Introduction

Have you lost touch with the treasure of life within you? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Noise, distraction, and conflict conspire daily to separate us from our essence. That’s why I’m offering Life is the Practice, a podcast designed to lead you to a more present, peaceful, purposeful state of being. With each upcoming…

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